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Carnaval Portugal 2023; Dazzling outfits and Parades

16 Feb 2023

Traditional Carnaval revelry returns to São Brás de Alportel!!!

The Carnival returns to São Brás de Alportel with the tradicional program initiated by the Childrens Parade, scheduled for this Friday 17th and the Parade of Floats, scheduled for next Sunday 19th in the afternoon, which attract thousands of people to celebrate this season in the heart of the Algarve.
Until Ash Wednesday, the program is still filled with “ballets” and activities to continue the traditions of the ´Entrudo Algarvio`

Good disposition, creativity, tradition and originality are the ingredients of this event that lives in São Brás de Alportel, brightened with the indispensable commitment of the locals!


🧑‍🚀Desfile de Carnaval das Crianças
Dia 17 | 6ª feira | 10h00 | Av. Liberdade

🎭Ateliê criativo “A Crescer e a Aprender” – Vamos aprender a fazer máscaras de Carnaval!
Dia 18 | sábado | 16h00 | Biblioteca Municipal Dr. Estanco Louro

🤠Baile de Carnaval e Concurso de Máscaras no ZD Disco Club
Dia 18 | 6ª feira | 23h00

🚶‍♀️🏃‍♀️Marcha-Corrida de Carnaval
Dia 19 | domingo | 10h00 | Ponto de Encontro: Miradouro da Ameixeira.

🐞São Brás para as Crianças: “Carnavalar na Natureza”
Dia 19 | domingo | 10h00 | Parque das Amendoeiras
Org: “Ninho de Amor

🥳Tradicional Desfile de Foliões e de Carros Alegóricos
Dia 19 | domingo | 15h00 | Av. Liberdade
Entrada e participação gratuitas.

🧙‍♂️Baile de Carnaval e Concurso de Máscaras
Dia 20 | 2ª feira | 20h00 | Sede do Futebol Clube Cabeça do Velho

🧞Baile de Carnaval no Museu do Traje
Dia 20 | 2ª feira | 21h00 | Museu do Traje

🦸‍♂️Baile de Carnaval no ZD Disco Club
Dia 20 | 6ª feira | 23h00

💃🕺Chá Dançante especial de Carnaval
Dia 21 | 3ª feira de Carnaval | Pavilhão Municipal
Org.: Junta de Freguesia

The origin of Carnaval (Attributed to article

The origin of Carnaval in Portugal is like many other countries in the world. It first started in Italy but spread quickly to other countries such as Spain and Portugal. Carnaval has Catholic roots, and it’s a time of celebration and indulgence. It’s the last opportunity to go wild before Lent, a time of fasting and sacrifice. During Lent, Catholics would abstain from eating meat. This is where the word Carnevale comes from, which means as much as putting away the meat. Carnaval was a time for renewal and awakening. The Portuguese name at the time was Entrudo, which means to enter. You’ll still see this word used today.

By now, Carnaval is a century-old tradition celebrated in many countries. The Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and Santa Cruz, Tenerife (Spain) hold some of the world’s most famous celebrations. And although things have changed over the years, we can still enjoy a colourful festival with masks, music, and allegorical floats (the cars or trucks with a platform used during the parade). After the wild party, the 40-day-long fast (the period of Lent) will start.

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