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How many years of gross salary do it take to pay for the house?

When buying a house, several factors must be taken into account: the price of the property, the financial solvency, the financing, the costs associated with the transaction. But it is also important to know the effort rate that involves the acquisition, that is, the time (in years) that a dwelling can take to pay if the entire annual gross salary was used for this purpose. Idealista made an estimate of …

National Territory Commission confirms that mobile homes need licensing

The National Territory Commission (CNT) decided to recommend that municipalities “adopt the understanding that demountable and/or removable structures, including mobile or prefabricated houses, when structurally connected to the ground and served by infrastructure, if they are subject to prior control by the administration, also applying to them the land use regimes that derive from the municipal territorial plans ». In other words, mobile homes …

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