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National Territory Commission confirms that mobile homes need licensing

The National Territory Commission (CNT) decided to recommend that municipalities “adopt the understanding that demountable and/or removable structures, including mobile or prefabricated houses, when structurally connected to the ground and served by infrastructure, if they are subject to prior control by the administration, also applying to them the land use regimes that derive from the municipal territorial plans ». In other words, mobile homes are subject to the same licensing rules as normal buildings.

The Algarve Regional Coordination and Development Commission (CCDR) clarifies, in a press release, that this recommendation “is extended to entities of the central and deconcentrated state administration so that they share the same understanding when framing acts and actions their duties and powers’.

In essence, this is a position analogous to that which CCDRA and other entities with territorial responsibilities “have maintained, according to which, although they may be removable or of light construction, and regardless of the period of stay in a given location, provided that the installation results in an effective incorporation into the ground and/or connection to infrastructure, or whenever the placement or disassembly implies significant land movements, such buildings will, as a rule, constitute urban operations subject to prior municipal control ».

Recently, several Municipalities in the Algarve, namely Silves and Olhão, had already made public that the installation of mobile homes requires licensing.

The CNT is constituted, among others, by representatives of the General Directorate of the Territory, the Portuguese Environment Agency, the Institute for the Conservation of Nature and Forests and the Regional Development and Coordination Commissions.

As an entity that has the task of coordinating the implementation of the national spatial planning policy, it is responsible, in particular, for issuing opinions and recommendations on matters relating to spatial planning.

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